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Code of Conduct

Behavioural Guidelines & Expectations for Students

Consideration for others, cooperation and a sense of personal responsibility help us to work successfully together. However, in addition to thoughtfulness and the use of common sense, we have some expectations:

  • Respect yourself, your peers, your teachers, and SAM School.
  • Meet your responsibilities, both as a student and as a good citizen.
  • Do your best to make SAM School a well-respected place.
  • Observe good safety practices and use them while travelling to and from SAM School.
  • Keep the building and grounds free of litter. Keep halls and washrooms clean and tidy. Place garbage into garbage cans.
  • Respect the property of SAM School and your classmates.
  • Return all materials and equipment to their proper place after use. 

Bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and scooters may be used to and from SAM School. Please wear appropriate helmets and lock bicycles securely in the school bike racks. For safety reasons, students are asked to dismount and not ride on school grounds from 8:40 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. The bicycle racks are out of bounds during the school day. SAM School cannot be responsible for damage to or loss of bicycles. Other items should be brought into the school and stored in homerooms or lockers until the end of the school day.

Vandalism is not permitted. Students who damage school property or the property of others are expected to pay for its repair or replacement.

Students may not leave SAM School grounds without parental permission. Parents or guardians must pick up their children at the office if they are to leave the school during the school day. Students must sign out in the school office when leaving early. Students who stay for lunch are not permitted to leave the school grounds during lunch time.

Do not bring valuables to SAM School. Students have lockers for their belongings. If valuables are brought to SAM School, they must remain in locked lockers.

To read the division's Code of Student Conduct or the Student Acceptable Use of Technology form, please click here.

Sir Alexander Mackenzie Elementary School